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Here you’ll find all that I’ve covered in series to date, according to subject – please do browse and pull out anything that’d be of interest to you… 

Dutch Dollhouse Culture in 17th Century Amsterdam (Worlds Within Worlds)

Part 1 – Mid 17th Century Amsterdam

Part 2 – Dutch Preoccupations

Part 3 – Wealthy Women

Women in Late Medieval Art

Part 1 – The Image of Eve 

Part 2 – The Virgin Mary

Part 3 – L’Amour Courtois

Part 4 – ‘Good’ and ‘Bad’ Women

Women in Rococo Painting

Part 1 – Femininity in Rococo Art

Part 2 – Boucher, Women and Ownership

Part 3 – Women, the Toilette and the Boudoir

Part 4 – The Concept of “Femininity” and the Rococo Style

Tastes and Collecting: Porcelain 

Part 1 – The Appetite for Chinese Porcelain in Britain

Part 2 – Augustus II and The Japanese Palace 

Part 3 – Porcelain, Palaces and the Dutch Influence in 17th Century England

Part 4 – Displaying Porcelain in the 17th and 18th Centuries 

British Design in the 20th Century: The Omega Workshops Ltd.

Part 1 – The Big Idea