Dadaism & Surrealism: Responses to Culture

Dada and Surrealism respond to cultural circumstances, into which their respective aesthetic and ideological frameworks come into play. The dadaist response post-WWI is overtly politicised in Berlin, where the aftermath of war in Germany was felt acutely, providing a state of social and political disorder which German artists could exploit through the dada channel. Dada, … Continue reading Dadaism & Surrealism: Responses to Culture

Musings: Angela Carter & The Bloody Chamber

The Bloody Chamber: Blood. Using blood as the starting point, my initial thoughts are on Carter’s title, its allusions and its uses in a wider feminist discussion. A woman’s fertility and her sexuality come down to blood: Hot-blooded, intimacy, rituals, cults and covens, blood bonds; there’s a mysticism surrounding blood and its potency. Feminist artists … Continue reading Musings: Angela Carter & The Bloody Chamber

The Impressionists – Putting Women in the Picture

A note on the text: I've been writing on Impressionism in 19th century Paris through a mini-series. If you haven't already, it might be beneficial to read the first two introductory parts before delving into this article. To contextualise The Impressionists, please read here... To discover Le Flâneur, please read here... In relation to men, … Continue reading The Impressionists – Putting Women in the Picture