She Noted: Tabletop Talks – The Victorian Country House

When delivering a talk, my preparation varies depending on the topic. In this instance, I had made a last minute decision to switch the theme from the Elizabethan Prodigy House to the Victorian Country House as I'd been struggling to condense so sprawling a topic as the prodigy house and cult of sovereignty. It's always … Continue reading She Noted: Tabletop Talks – The Victorian Country House

West Wycombe Park – Architects & Collectors

The remit of the architect is inseparable from the character of the collector, which they sought to accommodate. Indeed, the architecture of the country house was used to house great works of art and the purpose of the setting was to complement this accordingly. West Wycombe’s entrance hall is particularly theatrical in this case, taking … Continue reading West Wycombe Park – Architects & Collectors