My name’s Chloë. I’m a copywriter + content creator by day for a trio of home & lifestyle brands. The rest of the time, I spend finding creative outlets and building a life with my husband-to-be, Darren. I found a place to call home in 2019 and have been creating chilled, laid-back spaces within ever since to feed my interest in interior styling and indulge my love of eclectic finds. I was diagnosed with ASD as an adult which was a revelation and hope to support others through my actions. Working towards a culture of kindness, I enjoy raising awareness, bringing balance and finding ways to share what matters for the good. I firmly believe in doing what you love and loving what you do and am an advocate for positive change, however small. Oftentimes, the world can feel a little chaotic; all a bit confusing. This is why I am taking the time to embrace slow living and to take note of the journey. Fundamentally, I’m grateful for each opportunity that I encounter and hope that my blog reflects that. It’s a pleasure to have you join me.

enquiries: reachchloemartin@icloud.com