About the Author

Notes taken from history (5)

My name’s Chloë and I’m an arts graduate. Putting pen to paper and growing ideas, She Noted is the mouthpiece for all of the literary and historical tidbits (across time and place) which I find especially tantalising.


At university, I minored in English Literature and majored in Art History. I’m currently working on my masters in the Country House. As far as specialisms go I’d say I’m drawn to the decorative arts and material culture – especially as it defined the lives of women from the 16th – 19th centuries. In 2017 I gave a talk to the W.I. on Dutch Dollhouse Culture in 17th Century Amsterdam, the text from which can be found in my chapters. In 2018 I shall be giving a talk on porcelain consumption in the 17th and 18th centuries.

I very much believe that I’ve been put on this earth to magpie pretty things, read all the scholarly articles in the world and accumulate a landfall of books. At home I collect vintage and antiques, some of which I share here, most of which can be found on my Instagram.

Each of my projects is handled with care and, is taken on to make a difference. I would call myself an avid researcher, with a keen interest in unique stories, diverse angles and details that would otherwise go unnoticed. Versed in creativity, I am your port of call for sparkling sentences & salon-style discussion.

Thank You-2