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My name’s Chloë and I’ve made it my business to grow ideas. She Noted is the mouthpiece for all of the projects I’m spinning day-to-day. I celebrate quirks, idiosyncrasies and have a bright, bright outlook.

Life ought to be about tripping the light fantastic and celebrating the small things. I’m half Cuban and Jamaican, something which has very much fed into my sense of self. In my own writing, I experiment with myth, identity, culture, magic and modernism. 

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At university, I minored in English Literature and majored in Art History, achieving my BA in two years – all of which was spent writing, writing, writing.

Since graduating, I’ve written in-house for a bridal magazine and media company, which, showed me the ropes in community outreach and engagement. Weddings not entirely being my bag, I made a pretty sweet pact with myself:

Do what you love for the sake of doing it.

To that end, I’m doing this, that and the other – from interning at a 20th century gallery to fiction writing, developing brands and synthesising life + art. Follow along for a game of show and tell:

Each of my projects is handled with care and, is taken on to make a difference. I would call myself an avid researcher, with a keen interest in unique stories, diverse angles and details that would otherwise go unnoticed. Show me, tell me and I will run with subjects to the ends of the earth, especially where the arts, identity and innovation are concerned. Versed in creativity, I am your port of call for sparkling sentences & salon-style discussion. Beyond feature writing, I thrive on written creative expression and communication in all it’s shapes and forms. Whether it’s a talk, pet project or spin-piece, be it expository, descriptive, persuasive or narrative, I’m happy to put my theoretical pen to it. In everything I do, I aim to venerate – no matter how big, or how small the prospect. After all, it’s the little things that count.

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