About the Author

My name’s Chloë and I’m an arts graduate, nesting in Oxfordshire with my boyfriend and our many creative projects. In the interest of growing ideas, She Noted is the mouthpiece for all of the literary and historical tidbits (across time and place) which I find especially tantalising. It also just so happens to be a lifestyle blog, as I very much believe in all those little things that can add to an existence. Now’s as good a time as any to commit it all in writing.

Mine is a shared existence – for which I’m especially thankful. I grew up living with my grandparents and mum, the good folk who fostered within me a love of people, places and stories. I was very much raised on the National Trust, hidden gems and spots of interest, something which has led to my belief that I’ve been put on this earth to magpie pretty things, read all the scholarly articles in the world and accumulate a landfall of books. At home I collect vintage and antiques, some of which I share here, most of which can be found on my Instagram.

The nest is always there, even when flown and family has always been important to me – immediate, extended or otherwise. These days, I cherish those in my orbit and look to create a special kind world for myself and those within it. To care, be kind and live as creatively as possible is the defining ethos of everything that I do. Over the years I’ve taken heart from beautiful sentences and this blog has been a stepping stone to make connections, spark interests, express passions and, ultimately, add to the conversation.

At university, I minored in English Literature and majored in Art History. I’m currently working on my masters in the Country House. As far as specialisms go I’d say I’m drawn to the decorative arts and material culture – especially as it defined the lives of women from the 16th – 19th centuries. In 2017 I gave a talk to the W.I. on Dutch Dollhouse Culture in 17th Century Amsterdam, the text from which can be found in my chapters. In 2018 I shall be giving a talk on porcelain consumption in the 17th and 18th centuries.

Currently, I have the pleasure of working in marketing and events for the WI Denman, reflective of my passion for women’s history and education. I also write, illustrate and make a rather good mocha loaf cake…

Thank You-2