She Noted: The Journey

The New Year can feel invasive. A lot of the messages that we receive in this short span of time are nudges or pointers on bettering ourselves. Let me clear: There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that – sometimes, we need direction. I rarely miss the siren call of an independent bookstore with its shiny January titles on ‘getting it together’. I love the promise of new stationery that will organise aspects of my life. This time of year can function as a positive reset – one that allows growth as we bed into opportunities, possibilities and exciting realities.

In this post, I wanted to share thoughts on time, place and pace.

For myself, where I am now compared to where I’ve been seems a feat in itself. There was a point when my happiness depended on distant ‘maybes’ – maybe doing this will lead to this. A hopeful, wilful optimism circling around existing, wondering and papering over those empty spots in my future. This time last year I lived at home (feeling I wanted more than that), started my masters (feeling that this would be a welcome distraction) and was actively looking for the job, the boyfriend, the version of myself that would complete the puzzle.

Hindsight: There’s no such thing as the perfect anything. Eventually, we make what is right for us. Somewhere, out of the blue, I met my boyfriend, Darren and became something of a convert to the idea that love does happen. Over the summer, circumstance brought us together in our first flat. I changed jobs and my entire concept of what it was and what I needed to live shifted.

Ringing in all of these changes seemed like a big move. A game changer. And, the questions of ‘where can I go from here?’, ‘what can I do next?’ were similar to the ones I’d always been asking.

Personally, I have the habit, for better or worse, of jumping on to the next big thing.

What I really need to do is hit pause, fast forward and rewind at the right times.

Ironing it all, your priorities do change and, oftentimes, they alter from instant to instant.

What I’d like for She Noted is a greater emphasis on moment to moment. I’m hoping to share my experiences with you and the whole idea of world shaping. Yes, I live in my own world and there’s an orbit – stuff gets pulled in, stuff worms its way out. I live for keeping my orbit sacred, expanding it yet always coming back to the big beating heart of it all.

I’d like to share the things that are important to me and the ways in which you can navigate, exist and ring in the changes that are right for you.

To do this, we’re going to get cosy. This blog has always been inspired by people, places and stories – I’m now just broadening the definition. You’ll get a little lifestyle here, some thoughts on creativity + life balance there, the things that have been working for myself and others… all the notes that I’ve collected from living. Including, of course, all that inspires.

To tie in with all of this, I recently started vlogging with my other half. Put Darren and Chloë together and you get, well, Doë. We’ve started at the beginning with a brief introduction which you’re welcome to watch here.

Here’s to all the new beginnings, the adventures and the just getting there.

With Love,

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