The Sum Of A Week

April has been running smoothly – I had dinner overlooking the still waters of the Thames on a gorgeous Thursday evening at The Folly in Oxford. Honestly, this is exactly where you’d want to be at the first sign of sunshine; very much in anticipation of a hazy, long summer – the backdrop to which will no doubt be the famed head of the river…. (not that I’ll be punting again, as this was an unmitigated disaster in 2015 and the cause of much anxiety given that there isn’t an official start, finish or sense of balance.)

Never one to pass down an aesthetic opportunity for the arty food shot, the menu very much loved the camera. Proffering seasonal loveliness, I started with pumpkin ravioli on a bed of parsnip puree followed up by a cheeky little number in chocolate. In a word, delicious. Also, a note on the cocktails, The Duchess is a fizzing delight – two of those went down very nicely.

I’ve been setting about the business of finishing and referencing a paper on the Elizabethan prodigy house, something which, as with the rest of my academic activity, I’ll eek out over so many weeks until it really needs to come off the heat. Simmering down, I don’t like to forfeit my hard won downtime. Having a full time job and pulling off a masters doesn’t have to be a circus act – if you’re doing what you love for the sake of being passionate about it, then, it becomes a pleasure. Whilst I’d love to specialise more in collections, my masters is just another way to grow my mind beyond the confines of an office.

I therefore chose to invest some time over the weekend in a one-girl friendship appreciation society, rolling out the wagon to my wonderful friends Beth and Arron. My special delivery of wine, cakes, chocolate honeycomb and marshmallows went down a treat and it was a real pleasure being in their new home. I was greeted by Beth draping a lei around my neck, which definitely brightened up my Saturday and made me smile. Thoughtful touches really do go a long way.

When it rains, there’s a very simple course of action for a Sunday afternoon: You go antiques shopping with your grandmother, stop for a hot chocolate and then head to the cinema in the evening with a friend of your choice.

Grandma had suggested a drive down to the garden centre to break up that afternoon – I managed to add to my vintage ladybird library with a title that relates to my studies. I think that these books are very sweet and am starting to have something of a collection! Fortunately, they don’t take up too much room on any shelf.

I brought tickets for myself and a friend who was down from University over Easter to see Isle of Dogs at the Curzon. Let me just say this: The Curzon is a bloody delight. The interior is more a bar you’d find in Mad Men (we were very much expecting Don Draper) and you can play at being awfully sophisticated with a big glass of house white. We downplayed the sophisticated part ever so slightly by going in for the triple cooked fries – I also had a straw in my wine glass which apparently isn’t the done thing (for the sake of my art house red lipstick), but, that’s beside the point.

Final Thoughts

I love Wes Anderson, I love my friends, I love stop motion. All are worth a look in where and whenever possible. It’s very pleasing going over the sum of your week – a collection of moments add to a far greater picture. I’m now sat up in bed tending to my essay’s bibliography, a task which has been made far less tedious by my weekend investment…

With Love,


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