Birthday Tea, For Mum

This weekend has been quite the occasion – the 50th birthday of my counsellor, confidante and constant companion; my amazing mum. To get to the heart of it all, we’d need to chart the past 23 years of my existence, which, may require an anthology. Instead, I shall just say that she is most loved and most cherished. I’ve always been especially lucky to count my mum as my best friend – a rather happy circumstance.

In the interest of celebration with due ceremony, we’d planned an itinerary of activities for the big birthday weekend. Tomorrow, we’ll be seeing The Shape of Water at the Unicorn Theatre, today, it’ll be three courses at a gastro pub. Yesterday, it was a case of tea for two at Rosie’s Tea Room.


I love to just sit and chat with my mum. Always have, always will. She’s been kind enough to treat me to a much brightening lunch each and every Saturday that I’m working to break up my day in the office. For every tea stirred, there’s a wisdom. Sitting across the table, she has the patience of a saint and it’s very much something valued.


This Saturday, lunch was on me – and it wasn’t so much lunch as it was a veritable feast. Between us, we’re two women perfectly capable of tucking into a mountain of food. Dickie, my cousin Mark’s husband commented “Crikey. Eat it, climb it, or claim it for England?” and Dickie, you know what, we did all of the above.


Isn’t it all so sweet? Topped with a perfect unicorn biscuit (there’s no escaping them at the moment, they’ll follow you everywhere) with strawberry iced hooves. The trick to the Afternoon Tea is being able to take some home with you, so that you can then have a mini Afternoon Tea for dinner – which is exactly what I did.


Rosie’s has the perfect set up – with all the mismatched crockery you could ever wish for. The pace is lovely and it always feels like there’s never a rush, even if you only have an hour at most to spare. The current owners can’t do enough for you and will make sure that you’re well accommodated for.


Final Thoughts

Armed with a Famous Five Tupperware à la Enid Blyton of a solitary sandwich, half a scone and two bits of cake, I parted ways with mum and meandered back to work for a few hours. Every moment such as this ought to be celebrated, birthday or no birthday. This little insight has been a reflection of the value which you can enjoy in a lunch hour. All that’s needed is good company and time for tea.

Thanks mum.

With Love,




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