From the Author: The Cake Jump

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Arguably, there is nothing more special than giving birth to a blog. I’m now the proud, proud mother of She Noted, which, thus far has been an absolute pleasure. Here, my foray into blogging has developed into a place to completely indulge my historical leanings and fascination with women’s history, in particular. My mantra? To be inquisitive, engaging and informed. In short, all the good things. How’d I describe the drive behind the content? It’s a growing resource and a real passion project, lovingly tended to whenever I hit the books, reel off a topic of great interest and assemble a killer bibliography. I think that this is what happens when you stop churning out essays for your art history degree: The habit is there and it needs to be nurtured. Hence, She Noted was born. As a self-styled historian, there’s nothing better than finding your niche and adding to the conversation. Knowing that people have actually taken the time to take an interest in something I’ve written is such a joy. I feel like an Agatha Christie of sorts, moonlighting under a pen name and hashing out the next instalment.

In short, its wonderful and I can’t get enough.

But what of the twenty something year old graduate come working girl with a penchant for the off-beat and eclectic? There’s definitely something to say there. It’s great to be in a constant state of flux – whether the snappy young intern, budding creative, snappy copywriter or would-be brand guru, I’ve put my theoretical pen to a lot of things lately. Having a bright, bright outlook™ and an unfailingly sparky optimism for opportunities and possibilities, I figured that it would be fantastic to put the old feelers out and connect more. What am I aiming for? In an ideal world (and in addition to all that I’ve been enjoying thus far), smart insights, creativity and life balance, delivered to you, from me. With love.

I suppose I’m writing this by the law of attraction with the will to do more, as a mouthpiece for creative sparks – speaking as an insight fiend who gets their kicks off of growing ideas. In my experiences to date, I’ve found that a lot of things keep me ticking – something new to fix on, to fix-up or make better. Predisposed to thinking like its going out of fashion, keeping my headspace in check comes from a steady stream of passion projects and self development: happening upon people, places and stories that stick is the big win bonus here! Creative communication and expression are awesome and I’d love for She Noted to be a positive space for that. In the interest of doing what you love for the sake of doing it, I’m going to add in more of a round-up of showing and telling where I’m hoping to continually share, grow, grow and share. Essentially, you’ll hear from me a little more on this journey as I create and engage…

You can tweet me @she_noted, gain little insights in pictures from @she.noted or find my blog’s facebook page @shenoted – it’s always so lovely to hear from you!

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5 thoughts on “From the Author: The Cake Jump

    1. I’ve met so many wonderful people through doing this so far, it’s something of a natural development – its always lovely to see behind the mask with these things! Thank you ever so much for your kind words, I’m very happy to have stumbled upon your own blog in this way! I’ve a lot to read from the looks of it!

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    1. There’s the rub! I can certainly relate. Especially during busy periods at work when I come home and am faced with more writing or a lovely, lovely nap! Still, writing is about doing what you love, when you feel the most inspired, which is why I keep it as a pleasure over a chore. Those books will 100% get reviewed and the reviews will be fantastic once you’ve made it through the small pile!

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