In A Nutshell

Notes taken from history

This is an ongoing effort, project and love letter born from a fondness for women’s history. With words just on the tip of my tongue, I shall be spinning content to make connections, spark interests, express passions and, ultimately, add to the conversation.

Putting pen to paper, I am a storyteller. Whether this be writing on people, places or weaving together stories, I champion having a unique voice and outlook, whatever the occasion. With a background in Art History and English Literature, I’ve an eye for detail – navigating topics and styles to produce writing that is eloquent, engaging and informed.

My written specialities include women, identity, art, the humanities and social history; with this in mind, the mission behind She Noted is to craft, share and to write about this, that and the other, with great sensitivity. In small ways, I’m looking to speak to you by stringing together pearls of wisdom, anecdotes and fabulous historical finds.

This’ll always be a work in progress – and that’s rather exciting.

It’s so lovely to have you join me.

Thank You-2